COVID 19 Facility Risk Status

In order to ensure the safety of our guests during the COVID 19 outbreak VHV will post a current risk guide for the facility based on known exposures and continue to implement all CDC recommendations for sanitization of the facility.

No one in this facility has had known contact with anyone infected with COVID 19 in over 14 days.

Current Guest Safety Measures in Place

  1. Persons entering MUST sanitize their hands.
  2. Persons will wear a mask except when seated.
  3. Persons will maintain six feet of social distancing.

Current Staff Safety Measures in Place

  1. Facility is sanitized every morning.
  2. Food handlers must wear gloves and mask.
  3. All food is served in individual portions.
  4. Staff will wear masks while engaging with guests.

Our Programs

Meadows Edge remains committed to helping those that defended our nation. Through Safe Harbor and VHV we intend to offer technology-based tools and service offerings designed to help veterans struggling with mental health issues, human performance issues, difficulty finding employment, and finding a home for those veterans tragically living on the streets of our great nation.

Veteran Help & Assistance Center Hall

About Safe Harbor

A sustained, high-operational tempo over the last 18 years of combat and support operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations worldwide has increased behavior health problems with active duty military, veterans and their families. Active duty service members and their families have numerous, excellent programs available to seek assistance but quite often veterans feel isolated from assistance programs once they leave the military. Our Safe Harbor seeks to build and implement a superior, holistic, technology-based approach to address the needs of those who served our great country, when they need it most.

About Veterans Helping Veterans

Veterans Helping Veterans (VHV), Meadows Edge is a time and place to check in and re-calibrate. It is a place to bolster resilience, and a place where veterans can help other veterans; we are opening up our doors to remind veterans that they are not alone. Through conversation and connection a veteran can gather perspective, receive validation and feel valued. A listening ear, a warm cup of coffee or someone who has walked in their shoes will be waiting; a lifeline of hope for our Pittsburgh-area veterans.

Veteran Help & Assistance Center Hall