Món Quà Gifts

From seed to sale, Món Quà Gifts are made using traditional methods and beautiful technique.

Sales of Món Quà products help send children to school, provide economic security for the future, and preserve traditional methods of making the handicrafts.

About Us

The goal of the Món Quà project is to provide expanded economic opportunities for four groups of ethnic minority women in Cao Bang, Vietnam. We are helping the women turn their handicraft work into a viable and sustainable microenterprise. Ultimately, the project hopes to help provide economic security for the women and their families while preserving traditional methods of making the handicrafts. We are currently in search of permanent distribution channels for the women's handicrafts, made of 100% natural hemp. While the project is too small to be "Fairtrade certified", the products are made under fair trade conditions.

Món Quà products are made from 100% hemp fabric.

Women from the H'mong Villages plant and harvest the hemp, spin it into thread, and weave the fabric using traditional methods.

Lolo women embroider the product’s patches and their traditional clothing.

The skill of embroidery is something that every woman in the village must learn to carry on the Lolo tradition.

Nung women make all of their traditional clothing by hand.

First, they collect cotton and spin the cotton into thread. The traditional loom is used to turn the thread into fabric. Finally, the fabric is dyed in indigo.

Dev, of the Money Dao Village talks about making hemp ornaments.

It is a tradition in her family to teach the women how to make handicrafts and she wants to continue this part of her culture.

H'mong woman wrap fibers as they go about their day.

The H'mong women take the dried hemp fibers that are wrapped around their waist and braid them into a long strand that is wrapped around their hand.

Many women produce only enough crop to feed their family.

The women often have limited opportunity to earn an income. This project gives an opportunity to earn for their family and improve their lives.

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